Clothes for Women

Our Story

Kaku is a mother and daughter initiative borne out of too many disappointing shopping trips. Both Karen and Sue love beautiful, comfortable, versatile, funky clothes that last for years, not merely a season. Despite having no experience in fashion, they embarked on an amazing journey to create a range of feminine, fun, gorgeous clothes for ALL ladies, irrespective of age, size and body shape. They enjoy nothing more than the magic moment when ladies trying on Kaku clothes look in the mirror and exclaim “Wow, look at me!”

Karen and Sue are truly invested in helping ladies to appreciate their own unique brand of beauty. They have yet to fail in their quest to find a new top, dress or outfit that puts a smile on a customer’s face. Kaku is not just a ladies clothing brand, it’s a brand created with love and appreciation for all women. For too long traditional fashion brands have failed to recognise that we are not all a size 8 with flat tummies and long legs. But why can’t we all still feel and look feminine and pretty?

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Kaku’s key principles

Kaku’s key principles Bold & colourful – we believe it is important to radiate who you are inside. Be bright, be creative, be seen.   Sustainable

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? We’re often asked where the name KAKU comes from. The common assumption is that we combined parts of our first names

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Tickled pink!

Tickled pink! LOVE, COMPASSION, NURTURING, FEMININITY, UNDERSTANDING Associations: love, relaxation, charm, personal magnetism, hope, tenderness, caring, friendship, feminine energy, receptive. Pink is feminine and romantic,

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Cool blue on a hot summer’s day

Cool blue on a hot summer’s day KNOWLEDGE, HEALTH, DECISIVENESS, COMMUNICATION, TRUTH, LOYALTY Associations: soothing, calming, truth, wisdom, tranquility, power of speech, ideals, devotion and trust.

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Our kaku super-fans!

Our kaku super-fans! Our first featured kaku super-fan is René Janse Van Rensburg from Johannesburg, South Africa René says “I love wearing outfits from Kaku!

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