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A few of our tips for dressing to feel and look your best.

Play with colour! Nothing lifts your spirits and boosts your confidence more than a bold colour that suits you beautifully.

If you’re having a ‘fat day’, we recommend wearing one colour, preferably a dark colour. It’s a look that’s elegant and hides a multitude of sins.

For ladies with a generous bust, wrap tops and wrap dresses are exceptionally sexy and flattering.

If you’re wearing something loose and baggy, whether it’s your top or pants, pair it up with something more fitted. As a general rule we find wearing baggy clothes on the top and bottom can end up looking a bit like Sponge Bob!

We are firm believers in being comfortable in your clothes. We strongly advise against wearing anything that you have to pull up or down or fiddle with. For example, if you’re wearing something that feels too low cut for your own comfort, you’ll feel self conscious. Rather pop a vest on underneath and feel confident.

Another tip for those bad wardrobe days we all experience. Kaftans will make you feel glamorous and feminine.

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